AVAS – Organic Cleaner Vegetable +Fruits wash (500ml)


Available in Size: 200ML, 500ML, 5 LTR

  • A natural fruit & vegetable wash liquid to clean your fruits and vegetable.
  • Disinfects Vegetable/Fruits from chemicals, germs, dirt and dust from the surface of fruits and veggies.
  • AVAS Organic vegetable/fruits wash elongates shelf life of fruits and vegetables and delays decaying process.
  • Usage: 1. Take 500ml plain water & mix 15ml (teaspoon) of AVAS Vegetable & Fruits wash 3% Ratio. 2. Soak Vegetable/Fruits in prepared solution for a minute. 3. Rub individual piece thoroughly while dipped in the solution. 4. Transfer the soaked vegetable/Fruits into a strainer & Wash thoroughly under running tap/clean water. 5. Vegetable/Fruits are now squeaky clean and ready to be consumed.


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